Three Things You Must Have to Succeed in a Home Based Business

Before I tell you the 3 things you MUST have… I want to tell you something that you probably NEVER thought about.ALL OF THE TOP MARKETERS (Direct Sales, Network marketing, or MLM) They all Know how to advertise for FREE. You will NOT make it if ALL of your advertising efforts are paid advertisements. You will burn yourself out. Especially if you’re on a budget.These are 3 FREE resources that you MUST incorporate in the marketing strategies you currently use.The #1 Thing You’re gonna need to market your Home Based Business is ______ a BLOG.
* You must have a blog. This is like your online house. If you feel it with content & work on your keyword placement, your post will rank high in search engines. Plus as you will see… the other two needs require you to use your blog.The #2 Thing Your Home Business needs is… a Twitter account.
* Why a twitter account? because out of all the social networks it is by far the quickest way to spread a message. And with follow aspect, your twitter followers can opt out at any time. This creates a SUPER targeted list of friends that over time will turn into customers.The #3 Thing Your Home based business can’t survive without is ———> a You-Tube Account
* You-tube completely changed the advertising world as we know it. It has an extreme amount of traffic & best of all… It’s FREE.Now that you have the 3 things…. How do you use them to drive traffic?Pay attention this part is highly important!NEVER EVER EVER tweet a link that sends people to your capture page..Tweet Them to a blog post instead.Write some helpful content on your blog & at the end of the post you can have a link to your website on there.Remember your blog is your house & the more & more content you have about you and your cash gifting activity the better.IF your Home business has webinars our anything like that… then 100% tweet that.It gives people a sense of less pressure to spend money if they can freely see your program. This in-turn will attract them to you & they will ask you to let them join rather then you making them.Now the you-tube. Try to make a video once a week that’s no longer than about 5 mins and explains a marketing technique that you’re good at. You don’t have to be a guru to be helpful.You can also make promotional videos on you-tube talking directly about your opportunity, but beware of the competition.The best marketing you can do on YouTube is to tell your life story. Your failures or triumphs & let ppl know you are a regular person just like them. People that can relate to you will be attracted to you & friendships will form. That’s when the Money roll in. The Home Based Business Industry is about relationships. The more you build the more wealthy you will become.